3D meten

CNC meetmachines

CNC measuring machines

For accurate measuring of large and small products.

Our 3D measuring machines have a maximum measurement range
of 10,000mm x 3,000mm x 3,800mm.
Our machines are equipped with a measuring head suitable for geometrically complex products.


  • Measuring products during the design, engineering, production, and final phases
  • Maximum measurement accuracy of 0.05 mm/meter
  • Measuring according to drawing or customer specification
  • Measuring of both single-run and series production
  • Digitising product and/or prototype
  • Reverse engineering (product <-> CAD model)


Mobile 3D measuring arm.


  • Mobile measuring arm, measuring in a variety of locations
  • Measuring geometrically complex products
  • Measurement accuracy 0.05 mm
  • Measuring according to drawing or customer specification
  • Digitising the product

Please contact us for more information regarding other measuring options we offer.