Maintenance and service

Customer-oriented and flexible - two core values of the DDVS service and maintenance department.

Since the beginning of 2010, we have been providing daily preventive and corrective maintenance for Fennek vehicles. Various gearboxes and suspension systems are also inspected, tested and reconditioned.

DDVS pays particular attention to recording all relevant maintenance data. Thus, each system's evolution is kept on record. Analyses of trends and other aspects can be performed based on the accumulated data, so that timely measures can be taken regarding spare parts supply and/or design modifications. It also provides a better overview for parts traceability.

Upon request, we are also able to perform our service and maintenance activities on the customer's premises.

Furthermore, DDVS offers tailored solutions for the logistics of spare parts supply.

Our competences:

  • Customer-oriented
  • Flexible application
  • Short lead times
  • Own testing facilities
  • Operations compliant with relevant laws and regulations
  • Spare parts logistics